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first official post :)

I have to admit that the idea of this community was born because I was disgusted by some people who always cause drama and waste too much time shit talking about my best friend cherryjess. She's so sweet and nice that I don't understand why ppl waste so much time writing stupid and false things about her. I know she's strong and try to not focus on what they write but I also know that sometimes it's hard to read such things.
I was so sad to see that bastards hurted her.
I know a lot of people love her but sometimes it's easier to tell someone you don't like him/her that telling your friends you love them.

I love her and NO it's no "ass kissing", I'm also fed up to read such things, people cannot understand that you can love and respect someone just because she/he is your friend!!!

Jess I <3 you and I know you have a lot of friends (online or in real life), I hope they will join the community and tell you they love you! ;)
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